Short Overview

The aim of a Public Warning System (PWS) is to provide early warning in the event of imminent threats enabling the population to seek protection and to take necessary action.

It shall alert the nation (as a whole or part of) of threats and/or industrial or natural disasters and provide information and instructions regarding emergency situation.

An Informations-Management-and Message System was developed
- to alert the population of military threats and industrial and natural disasters.
- to provide messages and information regarding matters of national significance.

It consists of different parts
 1. Newest Technology
 2. Control System
 3. Communication Links
 4. High Redundancy/Fault tolerant
 5. The Sirene
 6. Different features
 7. Summary

1. Newest technologies but close to the existing infastructure
Computer Hard- & Software

2. Control System
Real Time
Multi Task
Multi User

3. Communication Links
The whole PWS Systems (main and or activation centres included) can be controlled with full backup. Several medias are working together to fullfil this aim:
Phone/leased link
Phone- Dial up
Area Radio Systems

4. High Redundancy / Fault tolerant
The communication system is normally the "Achilles Heel" of a PWS. Many different solutions are available to make the system most invulnerable.
Redundancy of Communication Links:
Equipment duplication
Redundancy for Wireless Systems
Backup and decentral activation systems
Protection against wrong usage, sabotage

5. The Sirene
Sirens are electronic sirens. They can be used for PA both on site (locally) and from the control centres (remote). 4000 sirens can be controlled in a system simultaneously.

Note: The locations of the sirens have to planned carefully regarding to different reasons.

6. Sirens have different features
Each siren can generate different warning signals
The signal are generated by an electronic signal
generator and can be modified in the future
(e.g. Alarm, all clear, important, special, a.s.o.)
Spoken information (life or conserves)
Onsite or remote

7. Summary
To complement a siren system and to sound PWS messages in accoustically sealed buildings and installations, an "Indoor Warning System" should be provided.
Different solutions are available (PA System, internal speakers, local fire alarm)

High end systems provide messages via FM transmitters (Radio broadcast). If available RDS can be used.
Information- Management- and Message System combines all off the request to a modern high tech warning system.